Illinois Solar For All

Home Energy Savings
Drawing of sun shining on solar panels on a roof
Graphic from ILSFA

As part of our goal for Garfield Park residents to save on their energy bills and increase our climate resiliency as a community, GPCC supports the expansion of solar energy in our neighborhood.

Illinois Solar for All provides greater access to the clean energy economy for low-income communities through incentives that help make solar installations more affordable and result in measurable savings for participants. ILSFA helps strengthen the Illinois economy and move the state toward a clean energy future.

Why solar?

Solar energy is an efficient, affordable, and clean source of energy that protects the environment and creates jobs. With available incentives and tax credits, solar can provide significant savings for both property owners and renters, and helps to protect against future energy cost increases.

Illinois Solar for All programs ensure that there will be no upfront costs to participants and any ongoing costs or fees will not exceed 50% of the value of the energy produced.

Read the fact sheet to learn more about your eligibility for Illinois Solar For All.

For Renters or Homeowners who have a home that isn’t a good fit for solar panels:

Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA), an income-qualified State program that incentivizes solar development, is supporting community solar projects across Illinois. Subscribing to a community solar project allows residents to save money on electricity costs and support clean energy production without having to install solar panels at their home.

1. Solar panels are installed somewhere in your utility territory.

2. Those who pay an electricity bill can subscribe to the community solar project in the utility territory.

3. You will receive credits on your electricity bill for your portion of the project.

Homeowner or owner of a single-family building:

Drawing of house with solar panels on roof
Graphic from ILSFA

ILSFA allows you to install a solar system on your roof or in your yard with no upfront costs and low or no monthly fees. 

If you are interested in participating, the next step is to contact an ILSFA Approved Vendor. A list of those vendors can be found here as well as a list of current offers from Approved Vendors.

Approved Vendors must meet rigorous program requirements, including quality workmanship, participant savings, and adhere to the program’s consumer protection guidelines. This ensures participants are benefiting from the program.

To learn more about your options, contact Grassroots Educator, Aretha Berdell at