Focusing on landlord/tenant issues as well as homeownership and foreclosure prevention initiatives in partnership with city-wide housing organizations.


Since 2017, our housing programs have assisted over 1,150 residents and offered 30 workshops for residents to learn about housing opportunities and skills.

About our housing programs

Our services help concerned property managers, tenants, and homeowners with topics ranging from bedbugs to security. GPCC has also helped families faced with eviction or renting an apartment in a foreclosed property, providing counseling and legal assistance through partnerships with Metropolitan Tenants' Organization and the Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing. We are committed to supporting homeowners and tenants dealing with issues related to foreclosure. We also work with potential homebuyers, developers, and partners to promote local homeownership initiatives and support legacy residents to maintain affordable, healthy homes in Garfield Park.

We support tenants and landlords facing economic hardship due to COVID-19.

In 2020, we were able to support 211 households with more than $400,000 in rent relief. We are currently working with the Illinois Housing Development Authority and the City of Chicago Department of Housing to process rental assistance grants. Visit our 'Resources for Renters' page for more information about current rental assistance programs.

Call Garfield Park Home

Garfield Park is home to a strong local community, including many legacy residents whose families have lived in the neighborhood for decades.

Located near public transit and in close proximity to downtown Chicago and the booming West Loop, Garfield Park has many community assets. However, like other areas of Chicago, the neighborhood dealt with high rates of foreclosed properties during the housing crash in 2009-10, which contributed to the number of vacant lots and abandoned buildings in the area. Although these buildings and vacant lots can attract negative activities, they also present opportunities for reinvestment. Many of these properties are classic Chicago-style two to four-flat buildings. In addition to possessing architectural significance, these buildings offer family-friendly, affordable housing opportunities in Chicago. GPCC works with several local and city-wide housing partners to create opportunities for local homeownership and plan for neighborhood developments that invest in the community while reducing the risk of displacement for current residents.

Since 2012, GPCC has led the City of Chicago’s Chicago Neighborhood Recovery Program (CNRP), first in East and now in West Garfield Park.

MMRP targets vacant and abandoned properties for redevelopment. By helping existing homeowners in danger of foreclosure, putting vacant buildings back into productive use, and identifying programming, CNRP works to improve the physical, social, and economic conditions in Garfield Park. GPCC is using CNRP as a tool to organize and train new resident advocates and leaders and restart the housing market in West Garfield Park. 

Visit our program pages to learn about investment in the West Garfield Park CNRP area and view a map of currently available properties, as well as our various housing programs, including resources for renters and home energy savings. Additional information about housing efforts is available on our housing resources page.


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