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News about the Garfield Park Community Council, our partners, and community events and information.  

Rent on the rise: How high will rent in Chicago climb?
Denitha Polk, like many other Chicago residents with low- to-moderate income, is challenged with financial and other barriers to finding rental housing she can afford. A report released recently by…
Harnessing the Power of Collaboration to Create Opportunity in Chicago
We all know that small business is the growth engine of any economy. This is even more true for distressed communities where jobs are hard to come by, crime rates are high and access to fresh food is…
Fruit Orchard will Add to Selection at West Side Neighborhood Market
The Garfield Park Community Council recently announced that they would be moving forward with plans to create the Garfield Park Eco Orchard in the community that would add a new variety of fresh…
An orchard on the West Side? After City Council vote and $500K in funding, the idea could come to fruition
The Chicago City Council recently voted unanimously to approve spending $500,000 to build a fruit orchard somewhere on the stretch of 5th Avenue, between Kedzie Avenue and Sacramento Boulevard.
Rick Bayless to offer Food Service Training for Youth at The Hatchery
Chef Rick Bayless of the Frontera Foundation announces job training for youth at The Hatchery starting in 2018.

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