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Arthur Watts’ barbecue helped him build a new life after slavery. Nearly 160 years later, his recipes are helping his family build a business.
Arthur Watts knew his way around an open pit barbecue from the time he was just 6 years old. Born into slavery in the Kansas City, Missouri, area, his job was to manage the cooking fires throughout…
Matching transit to economic need
We have a new way to develop all neighborhoods without displacing people: equitable transit-oriented development.
A model to prevent a wave of evictions in the wake of coronavirus recession
A new coalition in East Garfield Park is aiming to head off displacement, gentrification and a land grab by speculators by protecting affordable housing and heeding the lessons of 2008.
New coalition takes aim at displacement
The Preserving Affordability Together Garfield Park Housing Coalition seeks to hold developers accountable.
West Side Community Garden Giving Away Raspberry Bushes
"If you can walk outside into your yard and eat a few raspberries every day, that's pretty empowering to have control over your own food," said garden manager John Perryman.

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