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Garfield Park Retail and Real Estate Initiative

New food and beverage incubator opens in Garfield Park
One of the largest food incubation spaces in the country is open for business in the East Garfield Park neighborhood
The Collateral Damage of $1 Vacant Lots
Chicago’s Large Lots Program seems like a good idea. But the reality has been complicated.
Harnessing the Power of Collaboration to Create Opportunity in Chicago
We all know that small business is the growth engine of any economy. This is even more true for distressed communities where jobs are hard to come by, crime rates are high and access to fresh food is…
Chicago Tribune - Residents Get Behind $1 City Lot Program
GPCC Executive Director Mike Tomas talks about the success of the Large Lots Program in East Garfild Park.
East Garfield Park $1 Lot Program Begins July 1 2014
$1 Lot Program begins July 1 in East Garfield Park.
City's vacant adjacent lot purchase program coming to Garfield Park
The City of Chicago talks about the success of its pilot program to sell vacant lots for $1 to adjacent homeowners. The program is expanding to Garfield Park in July.
Chicago Artists Month: October 25-27, 2013
Chicago Artist Month: October 2013
What started as one Garfield Park garden blooms into so much more
What started as one Garfield Park garden blooms into so much more
Garfield Council Aims for Safer Kedzie
Question: How do you announce to the neighborhood that an inner-city commercial corner with a dicey reputation is now safe for strolling and shopping? Answer: With music … lots of music, plus…
White House Award for Safer Foundation
Diane Williams, CEO of East Garfield Park's Safer Foundation, was awarded a Champion of Change recipient for the organization's innovative and proven programs supporting formerly incarcerated…
Inspiration Kitchens: More Than Just a Local Eatery
Cutting edge social enterprise, Inspiration Corporation, has landed in East Garfield Park. They will bring an award winning program and a creative menu to the community.
The Growing Business: Planting Seeds in a Community
It was a spring afternoon in 2006, when the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance convened a ‘big tent’ meeting of community stakeholders in the Jensen Room to provide input on a plan to…
Hearing from the ’hoods
From the Chicago Neighborhood Stabilization Program: Chicago is off to a fast and effective start with its novel program to stabilize neighborhoods hit hardest by mortgage foreclosures. Yet the…
Business Capacity Seminars Planned Throughout the Year
The Feb 18th business capacity seminar has created quite a buzz among the local business base. Read up on event feedback.