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East Garfield Park $1 Lot Program Begins July 1 2014

                                                                    Large Lot Pilot Program

East Garfield Park

Through the Large Lot Program the City of Chicago intends to transfer City-owned lots in the East Garfield Park Neighborhood to neighbors or nonprofits who own property on the block for $1, adding up to two lots to their existing property. The Large Lot Program allows local residents to have greater control over land in their neighborhood and provides opportunities to create wealth in these neighborhoods. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements listed below to be considered and certain restrictions may apply.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

ð        Applicant must own property on the same block as the lot they would like to purchase. Must provide a deed with application

ð        If applicant is a nonprofit organization, articles of incorporation and certificate of good standing from the State of Illinois must be provided with application

ð        Applicant must be current on all property taxes and free of obligations to the City including water bills and parking tickets

ð        Lot must be City owned, vacant with no structures, and zoned residential

ð        The Applicant must be able to maintain the lot in accordance with all local building, housing, and zoning codes and ordinances

ð        Churches are not eligible to apply



  1. Incomplete applications will not be processed
  2. Once the application has been approved, the City will work      with the buyer to close the transaction
  3. The property will be transferred “AS IS”, via a Quit Claim      Deed
  4. You will have to pay taxes on the lot once you purchase it      from the City
  5. The City maintains the right to condition the transfer of      the title on the buyer’s acceptance of certain deed restrictions.      Restrictions may be included in the deed to ensure properties are      maintained in an agreed upon way. If the buyer fails to maintain the      property in an agreed upon way, the City may exercise its discretion and      take title to the property back from the buyer.



Starting July 1st you may apply online at

The application process will be electronic.

Items you will need in order to apply:

-Access to a Computer

-Electronic (PDF) Copy of the DEED to your property


Application deadline is Monday, August 4th.


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