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Business Capacity Seminars Planned Throughout the Year

Last month, the Garfield Park Retail and Real Estate Initiative hosted its first installment in a series of seminars and workshops focused on building business capacity. The topics provided attendees with a clearer understanding of Small Business Improvement Fund grants and setting  up a business or organization themed website.   

The mechanics of the program were presented by Derek Walvoord, director of SomerCor, the agency that connects commercial property owners with funds that pay for structural improvements.  In fielding questions on the topic, Mr. Walvoord explained that the funds come in the form of a rebate grant that does not have to be repaid. New rules now specify that the grant can cover up to 75% of structural improvements such as facade replacements and masonry renovations.     

Website marketing was covered by Courtney Hill, Chief Executive Officer for Market M.  An online prescence, as Mr. Hill stated, are a neccessary and increasingly important aspect of product and company branding.  They have become ways that customers qualify and connect with  businesses and products that meet their taste.  Mr. Hill elaborated on several different template styles and formats geared to drive traffic to your website.

The meeting was well attended by local organizations, businesses and entreprenuers.  The Garfield Park Retail and Real Estate Initiative will continue to sponsor business lunch presentation series to keep our local networks abreast of new policies and trends.  For more information, sign up to become a free member of the Garfield Park Business Network.

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