Hatchery: Building The Why: Story Branding Fundamentals

This seminar will present the fundamentals of the Storybranding framework and cover how start-ups can work on creating clear and simple messaging to their target audiences. In addition, it will cover how you can differentiate yourself through design and content.

*This event is free for residents of the West Side communities (Garfield Park, Austin, North Lawndale, West Humboldt Park). To register, email or call (312) 283-5732 with your address!*

About the presenter: Neal serves as the Managing Partner and Chief Strategist at Theydo, a digital design and marketing agency start-up focused on helping our clients grow, succeed, go forward… Working with tech start-ups to validate their ideas and design cost-effective digital product prototypes. Similarly,working with growing companies of all sizes to consult them on their marketing , branding and digital strategies, and support them in executing highly effective, results-driven campaigns.