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Trademarks, Trade Secrets, & Copyrights: Protecting Special Features of Your Food Business

Trademarks, Trade Secrets, & Copyrights: 

Protecting Special Features in Your Food Business

Have you come up with a creative name, slogan, or logo but don’t know how to protect it? Or are you not quite sure what gives a trademark strength?
What are trade secrets? How can you use them to make your food business more successful? What steps must you take to protect a trade secret? Are there any aspects of your food business that are protectable by copyright?

Cheryl Balough, an intellectual property attorney, will review trademark basics, give you guidelines for selecting marks, explain the trademark registration process, and answer your trademark questions.  She will also review trade secret and copyright basics, help you understand what you can protect, and give you guidelines for ensuring your trade secrets stay secret and your copyrights are not infringed.

*This class is free for residents of the West Side communities (Garfield Park, Austin, North Lawndale, & West Humboldt). To register, call 312-283-5723 with your address!*

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