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Climate Resilience

Garfield Park Community Eco-Orchard

As part of the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development’s Resilient Corridors Project, two vacant parcels along Fifth Ave (between Albany and Sacramento) will be repurposed for a community orchard.  The project will divert and direct stormwater from surrounding streets and alleys into green infrastructure elements such as trees, native gardens and urban agriculture all to be built on city-owned land. To learn more about the project's development, read the Orchard Timeline.

Garfield Park Community Council sought support from Elevated Chicago and Metropolitan Planning Council to implement a process for community stakeholders to determine the design and programming for the site. 

Through three design meetings and an online survey, participants articulated their vision for the orchard, as well as ways the project can help to anchor existing community assets. Of the more than 130 people who participated, 62.3% preferred one of two proposed designs, below:

Eco-Orchard, concept B