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A brief introduction to the types of resources, services and programs available to Garfield Park business operators, property owners, retail tenants and entreprenuers through the City of Chicago and the GPCC. 

  • Sign and Facade Improvement Grants: Secure up to $150,000 in rebate funds for up to 75% of the total renovation costs.  The application process has been streamlined for your benefit.
  • Small Business Marketing Strategies: Connect with experts to create a marketing plan focused on in-store sales, e-commerce techniques, coupon books and store displays to increase customer traffic.
  • General Business Consultation:  Develop a business stabilization plan targeting problem aspects of your business.
  • Marketing of Available Retail Space: Increase prospecting success by jointly marketing your available space with us.  Property specs will be distributed along with owner/ broker contact information. 
  • Business Seminars, Events and Workshops: Participate in activities and events that will build your business' technical and managerial capacity. We host workshops, conferences and networking events centered around business trends and issues.
  • Development Incentive Information: Obtain information on incentive specifications, criteria and process. Find out the incentive mix for select commercial parcels.

How to deal with Troubled Businesses in the community