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Home Energy Savings

Home Energy Savings and Clean Energy Opportunities

GPCC is increasingly focused on outreach and initiatives related to environmental sustainability. We work in partnership with several organizations offering programs that help Garfield Park residents save on their energy bills and increase our climate resiliency as a community.

Ms. Blair with a new, more energy-efficient furnace for her home.

Many of our neighbors have benefited from energy-saving resources such as a West Garfield Park homeowner who recently installed solar panels on their single-family home, providing them with both the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy; as well as our neighbor, Ms. Blair, pictured to the left, who qualified for new, more energy-efficient furnace for their home.

This page shares more information about energy-saving programs available to Chicago and Illinois renters and homeowners. This support will help residents reduce costs and stay in their current homes, reducing displacement, and building community stability. 

Illinois Solar For All

Illinois Solar for All helps strengthen the Illinois economy and move the state toward a clean energy future.

Why solar?

Solar energy is an efficient, affordable, and clean source of energy that protects the environment and creates jobs. With available incentives and tax credits, solar can provide significant savings for both property owners and renters, and helps to protect against future energy cost increases.

Illinois Solar for All programs ensure that there will be no upfront costs to participants and any ongoing costs or fees will not exceed 50% of the value of the energy produced.

Read the fact sheet to learn more about your eligibility for Illinois Solar For All.

Read the Fact Sheet »

Citizens Utility Board

Since 1984, CUB has been working for lower rates and better service from the state’s investor-owned electric, gas, and telephone companies. CUB has information on current, alternative, and cost-saving options to your utilities, including Gas, Electric, Phone, Internet, Cable, and Water. CUB works to help citizens understand their utility responsibility, such as how to understand your bills, how to choose another supplier of a particular utility, and how to get help paying your utility bills.

CUB Resources for:

Electric »Gas »Phone, Internet, Cable »Water »

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps keep families safe and healthy through initiatives that assist families with energy costs. They provide federally funded assistance in managing costs associated with:

  • Home energy bills
  • Energy crises
  • Weatherization and energy-related minor home repairs

LIHEAP can help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer through programs that reduce the risk of health and safety problems that arise from unsafe heating and cooling practices.  Illinois residents with a household income that does not exceed an amount determined annually by the Department of Commerce are eligible. 

Apply for LIHEAP Here »

Elevate Energy

Elevate Energy

Elevate Energy seeks to create a world in which everyone has clean and affordable heat, power, and water in their homes and communities — no matter who they are or where they live. Making the benefits and services of the clean energy economy accessible to everyone is how Elevate fights climate change while supporting equity. 

Elevate Energy offers several programs for homeowners, including:

Bill Saving Programs 

Elevate Energy is a national leader in demand response pricing programs that help customers save money and protect the environment. Whether you rent or own your home, these programs can help you save on your monthly electricity costs. Elevate Energy is proud to design and implement these one-of-a-kind, innovative programs for thousands of customers.

Advancing Solar Energy 

Whether you are a residential property owner, an affordable housing owner, a nonprofit organization, a local government or public agency, or one of the more than 50 percent of households that can’t install solar on your roof, Elevate Energy can help you take advantage of the new solar revolution coming to Illinois.

Water Programs 

Their water safety initiative provides training and resources to help child care providers address the lead in drinking water. Through strong partnerships, they research the extent of the water affordability crisis in our region. As part of their mission to reduce housing costs, they also work with home and building owners to implement water efficiency upgrades.

ComEd Hourly Pricing Program

Illinois was the first state in the country to launch a statewide residential Hourly Pricing program (also known as “peak time pricing”). This program offers ComEd customers a new way to pay for electricity, charging them a supply rate that can change on an hourly basis, instead of the standard price that typically changes only twice a year.

Hourly Pricing has saved participants an average of about 15 percent on the supply portion of their power bills, although savings aren’t guaranteed. An ongoing analysis of energy-usage data by CUB and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has found that most ComEd customers could save money under the program, with even better results for those willing and able to change how and when they use major appliances.

The program also helps reduce demand for expensive and pollution-causing power plants, and it can help prevent power outages by reducing stress on the electricity system during “peak” times when power usage and prices are at their highest.

Graph from CUB

Citizens Utility Board

GPCC receives support for our energy efficiency and community solar education and outreach from the Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF), Illinois Solar for All, and the Institute for Sustainable Communities, Partnership for Resilient Communities.