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Partners and Affiliates

The Garfield Park Community Council has a strong history of collaborating with a wide variety of community organizations and institutions on the West Side and throughout Chicago.   We were created as a part of the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance, the non-profit organization that manages programming at the historic Garfield Park Conservatory.   Although the GPCC is now an independent organization, the Alliance remains one of our closest program partners and the Conservatory is still home to GPCC staff.   Learn more about the Alliance and the Garfield Park Conservatory at

Other program partners include: 

Marillac St. Vincent Family Services: Marillac Center provides a wide variety of social service programs for children, teens, families and seniors.  Marillac's facility at 212 S. Francisco is the site of the Garfield Park Housing Center.  

Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing (LCBH): LCBH works closely with GPCC staff on housing programs that impact the community, providing legal representation, individual and public advocacy, supportive social services and education.  

Metropolitan Tenants Organization: (MTO): A key partner at the Garfield Park Housing Center, MTO is a city-wide organization with the goal of organizing and educating tenants in Chicago and Cook County.   MTO provides workshops and technical assistance to Garfield Park residents and staff through the Housing Center.  

Openlands: Openlands has provided invaluable technical assistance to the GPCC during the development of the Garfield Park Garden Network.  Openlands staff continue to work with GPCC staff and Garden Network leaders on various ways to expand the Garden Network and incorporate it into city-wide urban agriculture and community gardening efforts. 

LISC - New Communities Program: The GPCC was created as part of LISC's New Communities Program, a long-term initiative of LISC Chicago to support comprehensive community development in 16 Chicago neighborhoods. The 10-year effort seeks to rejuvenate challenged communities, bolster those in danger of losing ground, and preserve the diversity of areas in the path of gentrification.  LISC staff continues to advise the GPCC and provide it with various resources in support of its New Communities Program goals.